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Specialists and Engineers from all over the world within the Cracow crew of the VentilAid project

  • Many people from all over the world have volunteered to join the crew.
  • Prototype III to be announced shortly.
  • Important accompanying projects (including protective face masks)

Over the course of two weeks, starting up with only a few people focused around the „last chance ventilator” project, VentilAid has transformed into an international operation. „Emails from all over the world are reaching us with thanks and words of encouragement. It warms our hearts when reading a letter from an engineer from Brazil, that our solutions have become for him a light at the end of a long dark tunnel. -comments Szymon Chrupczalski, the project manager.

Shortly after publishing the ventilator project, many specialists got in touch: doctors, engineers, technicians and entrepreneurs with offers of substantive and financial assistance.

Thanks to their support, it has been possible to significantly improve upon the projects, as well as launch important accompanying projects, including:

  • simple and durable adapters for scuba diving masks
  • protective face masks
  • oxygen concentrators
  • and a few other solutions, which will be announced shortly

Also, strategic decisions regarding  projects which we have already commenced are as follows:

Prototypes 1 and 2 with which we intially began our campaign have been abandoned, however we are now completely focused on prototype 3. Documentation for Prototypes 1 and 2 shall continue to be available in Open Source Format as last chance ventilators.

What is the new Ventilaid prototype going to be?

The VentilAid prototype 3 is going to be a device used for non-invasive ventilation, working in CPAP and BiPAP modes with an oxygen feeder. It will enable  a patient to remain stable or to improve the condition of a conscious patient who does not qualify to be intubated and connected to a professional ventilator. It will also free up medical staff, who will be able to transfer expensive equipment to patients in the most critical conditions.

The new Ventilaid shall be a solution based on suggestions and requests by doctors who report that precisely this type of device is most needed in the process of treating COVID-19.

It is a decidely more complicated device than the previously publicly available prototype 1, however it fulfills the requirements of current medical standards. We have implemented a few bespoke solutions, such as a turbine that we designed ourselves, which if necessary can be printed on a 3D printer, or an oxygen feeder container without the necessity of using costly sensors.

The creators have also begun a fundraising campaign, with the aim of financing further projects and the certification project and to prepare extensive assistance to developing countries.

At the moment thanks to people of goodwill, we've been able to purchase essential components which can be fitted into the new VentilAid devices. To add to that, a few tools for testing purposes and the rest from our own resources. We’d like to thank the Polish National Foundation who have also contributed to the project. „We aim for the cost of the production of the new respiratory assistance device to not exceed 1000 PLN, regardless of it’s more complex build and required alarm sensors”, insists Chrupczalski. The situation in Poland isn’t ever expected to be critical, but VentilAid may be a reserve device should the darkest hour ever fall upon us. Our devices may be especially helpful to countries, where there is a lack of well equipped hospitals. COVID-19 is a very serious infection of the lungs. Those without any respiratory assistance might, without swift intervention, choke to death.

The creators of the project encourage Poles and the international community to support us in accomplishing this mission and to keep up with updates about the project through our official channels:

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