Ventilaid, the creators of the „last  chance ventilator” have come up with a breakthrough invention

Ventilaid, the creators of the „last chance ventilator” have come up with a breakthrough invention

  • The creators of VentilAid – an open source ventilator- have announced that their new prototype is near completion – a device which could gain medical certification and be put into mass production quickly and cheaply.
  • Thanks to the support and advice of those who volunteered to assist in the VentilAid Project, it has been possible for the engineers from Cracow to prepare a brand new device.
  • Ventilaid has established cooperation with the  Łukasiewicz  Research  Network and the Medical University of Białystok.

The team is embarking upon a huge publicity and fundraising campaign, which will be used to gain certification and to put the device into mass production.

Since releasing our first call to action video, a huge number of people have responded, possibly even a thousand people have volunteered to help.

From our conversations with doctors in Cracow, a specific message has emerged:

A specific device is necessary in the battle against the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic which differ from the concept we presented in the middle of March – says Szymon Chrupczalski, the senior project manager.

Having enriched ourselves with new knowledge from specialists, the VentilAid engineers have been working for approximately three weeks on the device, designed to help those suffering from COVID-19 who are experiencing breathing difficulties.

The parameters of the new prototype are similar to specific function found in professional ventilators. Due to it's very low price and it's capability to be used by staff with just basic training, Ventilaid will substantially free up the usage of professional equipment and shorten the waiting time of patients in need of help.

Above all, our device is designed to help patients who do not require immediate intubation and/or to be hooked up to equipment which supports vital bodily functions.

VentilAid assists in breathing and monitors the patients' condition, and in the event of a deterioration of their parameters, alerts a doctor- in such an event, it may be necessary to urgently transport the patient to an intensive therapy ward.

In the current situation, doctors are the scarcest and most precious resource, their time and efforts are irreplaceable. We're providing doctors a tool, which enables them to work more efficiently – comments Chrupczalski.

The crucial aspect is, the prototype is ready and works in line with the expectations of doctors. It now needs to go through a whole host of tests to ensure that the device is safe, and that it can be legally used on patients.

Ventilaid has established  cooperation with the Łukasiewicz Research Network  and the Medical University of Białystok on behalf of which Professor of Pharmacology Karol Kramkowski, will lead a special team that under the auspices of the university will take over the project patronage, leading the way for  Ventilaid prototype to undergo medical testing and certification.

Szymon Bacher -  a doctoral student below the age of 30 at the Institute of Nuclear Physics PAS, who up to now hasn't worked within the medical industry, was responsible for coordinating research and development on the device.

The successful completion of tests and entry onto the pathway of certification shall mark another important step for the VentilAid team, who aimed towards this right from the start. We want to provide complete and attested documentation for the purposes of production as well as to supply doctors all over the world with as many VentilAid devices as possible.       

Our aim is to reach not only wealthy countries, which are able to organize production by themselves, but also to the poorest countries, who do not have the appropriate tools for the battle against the pandemic.

Especially for them, in line with our motto „From Poland With Love”, the creators of the VentilAid initiative wish to organise a grand fundraiser which will finance and deliver the devices on a mass scale.

Also, this week, a fundraising effort on shall commence, and in due course an international initiative on Kickstarter.

At the same time, the team underlines that the documentation made publicly available should only be used to serve the technological development of the project and earnestly appeals for the device not to be used independently, especially by those have symptoms of COVID-19.

Incorrect usage of the medical device, and lack of knowledge about optimal pressure and the concentration of oxygen to be injected into the lungs can cause serious damage to someone's health, and possibly lead to sudden death. Leave these matters to doctors - underlines Chrupczalski