VentilAid Infographic EN

The Ventilaid prototype is gaining global recognition

The new Ventilaid prototype devised by engineers from Cracow, a device capable of dealing with the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic has gained the recognition of top Polish scientists.

Representatives of Polish medical institutions believe that the straightforward and easy to produce Ventilaid device could be a useful tool to help patients suffering from a severe respiratory infection attributed to COVID-19 to breathe.

Professor Ryszard Gordosz and his team and Dr. Michał Świdak provided meritorical support on work carried out on the Ventilaid device.

Professor Karol Kramkowski and Dr. Juliusz Kosciel from the University of Medicine in Bialystok participated in the research and development.

Thanks to the great efforts of amongst others Anna Budzanowska from the Ministry of Science and higher education, the creators of the project are going to apply for a grant from the NCiBR in cooperation with the team of prestigious Professors from the University of Medicine in Łódź who have declared their support for the project and willingness to participate in it.

The following is a list of medical consultants and educators supporting the application to the National Centre of Research and Development COVID-19 program.

  • Professor Waldemar Machata, Vice-President of the Military health service in Łódź.
  • Professor Ireneusz Majsterek from the Chemical and Biochemical institute of the medical University of Łódź.
  • Professor Jacek Kasznicki of the clinic of internal medicine, diabetics and pharmacology of the University of Łódź.

The Ventilaid device was devised by two engineers, Szymon Bacher and Mateusz Jonowski, who based on talks with doctors in Cracow came to the conclusion that the priority as regards the battle with the pandemic, was to devise a straightforward device which can function in CPAP mode. This mode enables the optimal ventilation of the alveolus and stops them from collapsing.

Thanks to the support of the above-mentioned experts, the creators of the project have the possibility to receive support from the NCBiR. The engineers have declared that the documentation of the device in the battle against COVID-19 shall become available online and that the main aim is to help patients in Poland, but shall also serve to assist countries suffering due to the pandemic who cannot afford expensive ventilators.